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A Pitkin Guide by Gill Knappett of fifteen themed walks highlighting the best that London has to offer

Walk London Cover


w e l c o m e

WALK LONDON is a Pitkin Guide, by Gill Knappett, of fifteen themed walks highlighting the best that London has to offer.

Main features include:

Each of the themed walks has been researched, walked and written by Gill Knappett. How long they take depends on how long you’ve got and how many of the attractions you want to spend time at. Entry to many visitor sites is absolutely free, and contact details are given in the Visitor Information section of the book.

Each walk starts and ends at an Underground or railway station but if you only have time to do part of a walk it is usually possible to finish at a different station as shown on the maps.

The illustrations in the book and the walk maps are by illustrator/cartographer Michael Hill of Maps Illustrated ( and give the book a unique flavour. Following the routes shown on the maps and the directions given in the text mean it is impossible to get lost!

Love London? Live it. Walk it.


Also available by Gill Knappett – OVER LONDON

From Olympic Park, The Shard and Wimbledon to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens and Greenwich, this souvenir guide features superb aerial views of London’s most famous historic and modern sites. Photography by Heather Hook who has been taking aerial photographs all over the world for over 40 years.

Love London? See it from a different view.

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WALK LONDON with the family

The Barnards

The Barnards from Totton enjoying London